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Originally Posted by FordFever View Post
Better get your name on that list if you want to get your hands on that KR!
Do employees get first dibs on models they're interested in? And how often will your stock be replaced once the initial units are sold? I'm not in Texas, but I assume most dealership allotments work the same.
I'm going to make a deposit the moment it has a VIN to secure it. I don't know that employees get first dibs so much as I started bugging everyone here to get information before anyone and expressed my intent to buy one. I haven't been with the dealership very long but we had 4 orders for January, none for February, and a big ? so far for March. From what I've gathered the numbers available with diesel will be rather small for a while. The reason I was given is that they are shipping the engines from Europe but I have a hunch it's because Ford wants to test the waters on sales before ramping up production.

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Welcome to the forum!
Thanks, glad to be here!
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