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As pointed out by Knifeman, here is what is stated in the Owners Manual on this topic...

"Diesel Fuel Additives

It should not be necessary to add any aftermarket additives to your fuel if you use a high quality diesel fuel that conforms to ASTM industry specifications. Aftermarket additives can damage the fuel injector system or engine.

Use Motorcraft® cetane booster or an equivalent cetane booster additive if you suspect fuel has low cetane. Use Motorcraft® anti-gel & performance improver or an equivalent additive if there is fuel gelling.

Do not use alcohol-based additives to improve cetane quality, to prevent fuel gelling or any other use. The use of alcohol additives may result in damage to the fuel injectors and system. See Engine Specifications.

Your warranty may not cover repairs needed to correct the effects of using an aftermarket product that does not meet Ford specifications in your fuel."

An alternative to additives could be filling up with Diesel Premium instead of standard Diesel. A buddy of mine who sells fuel recommends this. The cost of Diesel Premium over standard for a full tank would be less than $5 bottle of additive (where I was today, Diesel Premium was only 10 cents/gallon more)--of course, not all stations carry Diesel Premium, so in those cases the $5 bottle additive may come in handy if you wanted to ensure every tank had the "additives".

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