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Question Need Input on Helper Springs

I currently have a 2012 F150 crew cab ecoboost platinum that squats like crazy when I hook up my aluminum tandem axle trailer when I need to have my tractor slightly forward in order for the 3 point attachments to fit on trailer as well...thinking that the diesel I ordered is going to have the same issue with the suspension...does anyone have any experience with air or airless leveling systems for the F-150... or any recommendations that work really well without compromising the ride when not under load.....
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In 2010 I installed a "Firestone Air Bag Suspension Kit" from (or someone like that) on my 2009 F150 that I am still driving with 325k miles on it. The air bags work great and do exactly what I needed them to do. Installation was no big deal at all. To install the air bag system the factory rubber rear end bump stops had to be removed and bags installed in the same place. Two things to consider when installing the kit. First the kit comes with 2 schrader (sp?) valves for airing up the bags individually. I wanted the bags to both be filled to the same pressure (work together) so I bought a Tee online and installed one schrader valve near my rear license plate. I don't really know why someone would want to pressurize them individually.

Second thing to consider is that I installed the air bags at the same time I installed a front end leveling kit and a Ranch Hand full grill guard. The front end leveling kit raised the front end probably 1 1/2" and the 2-300# grill guard lowered the front back just a little. Back to the rear air bags - with no pressure in the air bags the rear suspension works just as factory built it. So with the front raised and the rear at factory height the headlights needed to be lowered a little. The next time I do this I will do a better job of noting the beginning and ending height of the front end and the headlight beam marked on the garage door and just for normal and expected operation of the load helper air bags I use a stick that I hold up to the top of the rear wheel opening on the bed to judge how much my load has squatted the back and how much air I need to put in the rear.

I like the system and will do it again if Ford does not address this problem for me.
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Thanks for the tip on adding the air bag enhancement system

Will be considering the Ford Timbren Suspension kit Suspension enhancement system FR1504D and the Firestone Red Label Air Suspension kit that was recommended...I have a feeling the air suspension kit will offer me more control and flexibility for the F150 Diesel...thanks for the tips on installation..I am surprised ford has not come up with an auto leveling feature for its trucks...would be a great feature since we are already paying a tremendous amount for these trucks....
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