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Requesting Information on the F150 Diesel

I am surprised there is not more information from people who have purchased the F150 Diesel. I am interested in how it pulls a trailer, how the power comes on, how the fuel mileage is actually working out. I would like to know how negotiating with dealer is working out and if anyone has had any engine codes or problems that have taken the vehicle back to the dealer.

I had a short test drive in one. I know the dealer had it ordered since the first of the year. They sure wanted to make a deal on it. I get the feeling they are not flying out of the showroom like they were expected to. The comparison I have heard is that they will be in high demand and limited availability like the Raptor. I am not sure that is true. Really, I am not sure they are moving at all.

My limited impression from the F150 diesel test drive is that not much happens until the turbo kicks in. The only other experience I have with a turbo is with my old Dodge Cummins diesel farm truck. I can always hear the turbo whine and know that the turbo is working but I don't ever feel a surge in power.

The F150 diesel definitely has a turbo kick. I wonder if the favorable mileage figures are measured without being in the turbo and that if you need the power delivered by the turbo you will pay for it in mileage.

I hope to hear some worthwhile information about a new vehicle that I think many of us have been waiting a while for.
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As far as pulling a trailer...24 foot aluminum tandem axle open trailer pulling 2800lb tractor and another 2000lbs in accessories I managed 18 to 19 miles to the gallon...pulling a 4 place enclosed snowmobile trailer that's 25 feet long...I managed 10.9 miles to the gallon at 80mph... 11.6 at 74 mph and 13 at 64 mph...had a slight headwind while taking these averages of 6-8mph that would affect these numbers as well...all in all very happy with performance since I am getting much better milage verses my old 3.5 liter ecoboost...
Truck performs much better at lower rpms and I cant even tell I am pulling a trailer unless i have heavy cross winds...

So far no engine codes to go back to dealer with...have 1500 miles on my truck far as acceleration...very happy as well...tow mode was used when pulling my trailers as mentioned above...

I did add aftermarket timbren suspension upgrade to the back to eliminate sag and sway while pulling my trailers...made a huge difference in performance while under far I think for price difference is worth it....
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