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Why Not an F250?

New guy here. My second post. I've read through most of the threads here and noticed a few of you guys went from a Powerstroke F250 to the 3.0 F150. I'm curious as to why. I'm real close to buying the F150 (King Ranch), but geez it's almost as much as the F250 Lariat. I'm very interested in your rational. Thanks.
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I went from a 2017 F350 with the 6.2 litre and have been very happy so far. My main reason was the 350 was a little too much truck for us, the ride was super rough, and so it wasn't very comfortable on longer trips. It made my wife car sick. It was also an absolute pig on gas I would average about 18L/100 km, or 13 mpg. Since my trailer is only 5000 lbs wet, this truck can do it easily, and it rides much nicer the rest of the time. On top of that it literally uses half the fuel, and that's pretty awesome (gets better economy than my wife's edge). I did a 750 km trip through the mountains and back last week, and averaged 8.8 l/100 km (26.7 mpg). The 350 was also a bucking bronco off-road, and you had to do everything at low speed; this truck is much more refined. I would say if you don't need the tow capacity, it's not worth it as I can tell you from experience, 350's are not good daily drivers. 250's is slightly better riding than a 350, but not much.

It was an expensive lesson buying the wrong truck to begin with, but I'm much happier now with this truck.
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I would have loved to buy an f-250 diesel I have loved the look over f150 since I bought my 01
My a plan price on a loaded f150 was 58k
A 250 would be close to 70
Plus probably 16 mpg at most
Also the ride omg is a 250 rough unless you are on the interstate
And my wife wants me to keep this clean for trips
So I am looking for a good used 100k f250 diesel
Cause I like to drive a truck
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I had three main reasons:
Firstly, I need a diesel for the mileage, and obviously the 3L gets a heckuva lot better mileage than the 6.7
Secondly, registration fees. Kalifornistan charged me $700 to register my freaking HALF-TON F150. A Super Duty would've been over a grand.
Thirdly, price. Everyone says you can get a SD for the same price, but what they don't know or bother to mention is that you don't get the same truck. My F150 is a Lariat FX4. It stickered for a little over $60k, and I paid considerably less
An SD with the same package/options would've stickered for another $10k, and I wouldn't have got anywhere NEAR the same discount
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