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Work Shop Manual

I am looking for the work shop manual for 2018 F150. So far I am only finding a complete disc located on ebay, $210 seems a bit much to me. Does anyone else have any recommendation on where I could locate the repair information?

Also let me apologize in advance if this has been discussed elsewhere. I did do forum search to no avail.

Thank You!
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Good question, I am curious myself. Haven't really seen many things about repairs on these at all, other than a few at the dealers. Also I am interested in how the supply line is going, if parts are easily available. I know from experience the dealers have had issues getting parts.

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I ordered a CD on ebay the other day for $13.95. Haven't gotten it yet so we'll see. They claim it's the real thing and also comes with engine and transmission internal repair manuals. I had one for my last truck ('04) that I got off ebay and it was the real deal. The only catch was you had to change the date back on the computer since the disc was "expired". We will see what the new one is like. I will let y'all know.
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Yes, please let us know Jdbronco, that would be very helpful to know the true contents of the cheaper CD's found on Ebay.

Anyone else have any input??

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Yeah @Jdbronco , let us know how that goes. I heard from another forum ( good things about the website I have no personal experience to offer but looking into it, the service looks straightforward. I think it's a group overseas (Dubai) that has some sort of subscription to the ford factory service docs but those docs are likely in a website only format and not for resale so the group "scrubs" or "screen scrapes" the website and converts to pdf and sends to you. You have to give them your VIN and they give you a manual that coincides with you exact build sheet. If all this info is correct, you'll get a ~18,000 page pdf doc but not one that is searchable in all likelihood. Kinda neat really. For some reason I doubt the cds you'll get will have all this info but maybe the cds fit the purpose at hand and save some dollars.

Of course, goes without saying but proceed with caution. You'd be giving your credit card info to group that is infringing on copyrights but of course the ebay route is also doing the same thing, just not in a direct way. I may use this website in the future if/when I get to a point that I need the info but for now I'll keep the $80 in my pocket.

Gone are the days of the Haynes/Chilton's huh? I still buy these for my older cars, usually used for a couple bucks.

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Well I got it in the mail last night and stuck it in the computer. As you said it's a 13,000 page PDF. I would be ok with that except they sold it to me indicating the links actually worked and they do not. For the price I would still live with it, except all I can find in it for 2018 is F-250 to F-550 so it's useless to me and I'll be returning it. There's no info for our motor, or transmission.
I will probably try again with a different ebay seller but this one was a bust.
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