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Cotus ETA

My eta for delivery was 7/5 last week but it is missing an eta and the status is still on awaiting shipment. Anyone else experiencing this? It was built on 6/15.
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For some reason I have never been able to get cotus to work. I have the vin but still nothing shows up.

Edit: tried a different browser and it worked.

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Yep, I'm in the same boat. Built June 11, expected delivery date June 21..disappeared on June 21, next day changed to July empty again. Oh yeah, I also live only 3 hours south of dearborn where mine was manufactured. I am getting quite upset. I have to pay 1000 for delivery yet I could get it for much less and much quicker it would seem. I have half the notion to say screw it and take my business to a company that cares.

If you can't get cotus to work be sure to use make sure it is http and not https...their secure site (https) does not seem to function.
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Ford is lucky they have a loyal following of the truck crowd because it makes situations like this easy to get through with few losses in the process.
Even with all the changes happening elsewhere in the pick-up world, Ford is still holding strong.
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Check with your dealership. Mine disappeared from cotus once it left the rail station awaiting enough cars destin to my dealership. Instead of waiting for that to happen, I worked with my sales guy and my dealership sent a drive to go pick it up and drive it the 150 miles from the rail drop off and I was able to pick mine up early.
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Thank you! I reached out to my dealership. They mentioned their system shows July 6 to 10. He is saying it should be here any day now. Their dedication isn’t as great as your sales guy. Guess I just need to wait it out. I know two others had ordered just before me back in February. I asked them to check the status of those. Hoping to get a better eta. The wait continues.

Happy 4th!
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Lucky you, hopefully it turns up very soon. Cotus now moved mine to July 20, nearly a full month after original date and over a month and a half after build...still sitting on awaiting shipment. My dealer may be even less dedicated. He just said jeez it was supposed to be delivered in June, nothing else. 🤦‍♂️Looks like I will miss another fishing trip.
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My cotus delivery was said to be 7/3/18 and it arrived 7/5/18. Holding up until Tuesday for delivery due to hoping that some rebates might be coming. According to the dealer ALL rebates have been dropped. I asked him to drive the truck and give me his opinion and he said it was the best Ford truck that he had ever had the experience to drive. Very quiet and very responsive. In his words it will be a Dodge Ecodiesel killer. Maybe I will have some more information because I plan to pick it up on Tuesday.
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My vehicle still hasn’t shown up at the dealer. Cotus had it for 7/5 but the eta droppped 2 weeks ago to awaiting shipment. My dealer said no later than 7/10 but today he is telling me awaiting shipment and doesn’t know when it will arrive.

Shocked Ford doesn’t have a good handle on the delivery estimations. Heard great things about the car but not impressed with the service from dealer or corporate.
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I have a similar problem. On 7/15, my estimated delivery was 7/16 (as it has been for weeks) with 0 days to delivery. On 7/16, the Estimated delivery date was completely deleted. It shows “in transit.” I called the salesman who doesn’t have an ETA. A friend told me he had a similar problem and went on Twitter with a direct message to Ford, and his arrived soon after. I’m not a Twitter person....but maybe I should be.
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