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Originally Posted by jmperlik View Post
@RideZX6R - please understand that the moderators here have very little control over how these forums are set up, as we rely on our admins who are responsible for things like this, and I assume they set their limits based on all of the other forums that they manage.
Just so you and wreedsvt know - I'm not upset with either of you.

However I'd say the 15 posts requirement is a first for me to see something that high, and since I've owned many many cars I've been a member of many many forums (you should see my inbox on my birthday for the auto-generated forum mails I get LOL). I've personally never seen it higher than 5 posts.

I assume the limit was either inexperience, or seen as a way to limit spam (or both). And in my experience, spammers tend to post 2-3 times wherever they can, then spam directly to the forum - rarely if ever via PM.

You're correct, that since I passed the 15 post mark, I won't have any issues - but the forum here is small and such heavy restrictions are more likely to repel new members than encourage them to stay around a while and contribute - Just a thought for the admins if they want this forum to grow and see ad revenue (not to mention the rest of us normies who might want to share/gain new knowledge)
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