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I used Stanadyne religiously in my 6.0 and it was great. I have used it since day one in my 3.0... also great. 200ml treats 100 L (full tank). I buy it in bulk jugs, then transfer it to some smaller 250 ml Nalgene ptfe bottles, then toss those in the truck in a Ziploc bag so there's no issues with leaks (I usually fill them with 150 ml, then fill up at 1/4 tank). I buy the regular diesel, then add this, as that is usually cheaper than buying premium diesel. It's got the cetane booster, water demulsifier, and lubricity addititives; it's alcohol free, thus good to use in these trucks. With the winter diesel, I might add a splash of the lubricity formula to the mix to help preserve the fuel pump a little more. I might try some fuel ox next, but this seem so to cover all the bases well so you can't go wrong.
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