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New Details on the GM 3.0 Diesel

GM released some new details on their 3.0 Diesel.

After reviewing this, there are some things that I like about the engine, and some things that I don't. It will likely be a really good engine, but I think I would still take our CGI block PSD all day over the GM aluminium block which seems really out of place in a diesel.

The things that I like about the GM are the I6 configuration, the low pressure EGR which takes exhaust gases from behind the DPF (likely reducing soot loading in the engine), and the chain drive fuel pump and cams. The things that I don't like are the aluminium block, the fact that the cam chains are at the rear of the engine (service nightmare if there ever is an issue with guides or tensioners, however i understand why they did this due to the long engine block), and the belt drive oil pump, which i assume is internal to the engine and difficult to service. It also blows my mind that it will use a 10W20 diesel oil.. I think its the first time i've seen that ever, and pushes the limit even further than our 5W30 FA-4 oil.

Things that i'm not crazy about on our 3.0 PSD are the timing belt and belt drive fuel pump, although there is a lot of speculation that timing belts are better in small diesels due to oscillation harmonics (and noise obviously). However this just becomes a maintenance item every 100-150k miles or so so i'm ok with that. And maybe the high pressure EGR system, however this can be largely mitigated with more frequent oil changes.. so thats ok for me too. In the end I'm still really happy with this engine option, and the best part is you can get them right now! GM's have been delayed until 2020 now due to EPA certification issues.. partly due to trump and his government shutdown shenanigans.

Interested to hear what you guys think!

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