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The timing belt is ok in my mind, It will just be a maintenance item to plan for. You can access the rear fuel pump belt without doing anything crazy like pulling the cab or motor, you just have to use a mirror to make sure the position is good. The engine has been around since 2006 and has proven very reliable, and ford has done some nice upgrades to that. Some of the more reliable diesels have had timing belts (i.e. 3.0 Hilux diesel). Just do the maintenance and you will be fine. The 150K lifetime is just a general guideline of where you will get to without major maintenance, even the larger cummins engines are like 200k lifetime. No reason that you shouldn't get 300k and beyond of it if you want to and take good care of it. The chain will definitely last longer in general, but if you have issues with it (guides, tensioners etc) it will be a big ticket repair on this engine.
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