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Trailer Interior Lights

My interior trailer lights do not seem to work with my truck. My old tundra had no problem. I read through my manual and can't seem to find out how to activate them. I may have missed it but does anyone have any idea what to do? It appears all fuses are in the fuse box. Stumped.
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Couple of quick questions. There are about 3 fuses involved I think, are they all good? Also the system only works with ignition on and maybe engine running? I can't remember.
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They won't work with the new trucks. Ford took the wire that ran the interior lights and use it for battery monitoring. If you want interior lights you'll need to run a new wire from the battery and also cut the trailer wire that goes to those lights and connect to the wire from the battery.
Easiest way I found to do it is to take a fog light wiring kit and run it to the bumper and put a plug on the end of it to connect to the trailer. Pain in the [email protected] but it works and if you hook up a relay (should be in the wiring kit with instructions) to your truck running lights then it will automatically turn the interior trailer lights off with your light switch.
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I know we aren't supposed to but I read the manual and learned a few things.

*Your vehicle must recognize the trailer
before the trailer can receive power.
Recognizing a Trailer
1. Attach the trailer and wiring connector
to your vehicle.
2. Switch on your vehicle.
3. Press the brake pedal for a few
A confirmation message appears in the
information display. See Information
Messages (page 122).
What this means is you must shut off the truck before connecting the trailer, then start it and press the brake until you get confirmation, then the orange wire will be energized. It does work as it powers my refrigerator and RV battery.

Hope this helps. Here is the tow page, page 300.
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Originally Posted by Dunrollin View Post
and RV battery.
.............. or electric winch battery on a car hauler ?

2018 Ford F-150 King Ranch 3.0L Power Stroke 4x4 black two tone
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I always read the manual, I downloaded the manual 4 months before my truck came in. We must have different editions of the manual, your page 300 is 305 in mine that came in the truck.
I waited until I could hook up the trailer to make sure I didnít miss something the first time I set up the trailer. I deleted the trailer and set it up all over again from the beginning. After you connect the trailer wiring connector and start the truck with your foot on the brake you get the confirmation message that a trailer is connected. That does not energize the orange wire. There are still no interior lights.
See quote from ford customer service below.

As Ford advances in technology, our vehicle systems are often upgraded and ever changing. The 7 way connector is now activated by a module which is designed to operate in the presence of a trailer with electronic braking capability. The module scans the connection to ensure all requirements for trailer towing have been met. Unfortunately, the downside to this upgrade is that the 7 way connector no longer offers a power port to any additional accessories.
The system is operating per its original design intent.
Ford Motor Company ģ
Tara Dew | Customer Service Manager | FCSD
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@djman Interesting find! My manual was printed June 2017. I know they make running changes. Anyway, this led me to an interesting search and I found a 2 minute video where the guy traced the orange wire up to a connector under the hood. On his 2016 the orange wire is terminated under the hood so he just reconnected it with a relay and fuse. Can't wait to see if this is the case on mine.

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Turns out if the engine is running and in neutral, reverse or drive the interior lights work. So I guess your battery will charge while you're driving. As soon as you put it in park or turn the engine off, the interior lights go back off. Not overly useful like that but I guess at least the battery is charging. I'll still have to hook up a separate wire and relay to be able to use my interior trailer lights.
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