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2018 wiring harness issues

New to this forum but wanted to throw this out there. June 29, 2019 bought new 2018 F150 Lariat 3.0 turbo diesel with 69 miles on it. Drove it around locally for first about 3,000 miles, then left Kentucky on August 30th for trip to upper Michigan. Drove above the great lakes, came back down through Wisconsin and into Iowa, slowly working out way back to home in Kentucky. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa our truck started acting up on the interstate, engine not wanting to run, flashing various faults on the display. It did this 3, maybe 4 times then finally quit running and wouldn't restart. Had it and camper towed to Ford dealership in Cedar Rapids. Dealer could see a bunch of codes but couldn't find the problem so they got Ford Field Engineer in to help. We spent 3 days in hotel while they tried to find out what was going wrong. Finally, they called us in and said they think engine wiring harness was breaking down under load (from pulling a 7,200-pound camper). They tell us we have made history, that this is the first (and only) reported problem of this type with this truck. Ok, so I think, at this point the truck still only has about 5,000 miles on it so just put a new engine wiring harness on it under warranty and we'll go on home. Wrong! They tell me there are NO engine wiring harnesses for this truck in the entire UNITED STATES! And that they HAVE NO IDEA when they will get the part. So here we are stranded about 600 miles from home without a truck or a camper. But the do give us a rental F150 (5.0 gas) at Ford's expense to keep until we get ours back. They also promise to bring our truck and camper back to Kentucky, again at Ford's expense. So we drove the rental truck home and have been waiting, keeping in touch with the dealership ever since. FINALLY, on October 31st the new wiring harness came in! This was about 52 days after we broke down!!! Needless to say, I have been extremely upset with this. I've talked to the dealership several times in last few days, they have put the new wiring harness on and driven the truck (both without and with the camper) "extensively" and say it has done fine. The same Ford Field Engineer has been back to look at the truck again and given it a clean bill of health. So this morning I told the dealership that I want them to drive (and tow the camper) back to us to make sure the problem doesn't show up again. So that's where we stand right now, almost 2 months later, still without our new truck and our camper. But hopefully we'll get both back later this week. And I am in negotiations with Ford on compensation (including 2 months truck payments). At about the 5-week mark I was so fustrated that I filed a complaint against Ford with the Better Business Bureau. That is still in progress. Taking 2 months to get repair parts is ridiculous. Wish me luck, 'cause I haven't laid hands on our truck yet or received word on any compensation. Hopefully soon on both counts.
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Understand your frustration. Hopefully the new harness fixed it and they make it. Let us know.
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Just when you think you have heard everything... Glad you are on the downside of this problem. Hope they get it all done for you.

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@Rdkeith99 - Wow, that's one **** of a new ownership experience story! I have never heard of a wiring harness "breaking down" due to towing, so I think you did make history. Doesn't sound like you did anything out-of-the-ordinary, so it is a bit concerning that an engine wiring harness can "break down under load"

Hopefully the new harness fixes things, but if it didn't I would not hesitate to research your state's Lemon Law, as with 52 "out-of-service" days, you may already qualify for a buyback...

BTW - welcome to the forums here and sorry your introduction wasn't on better terms!
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This is an update to my post earlier this month concerning the breakdown of the engine wiring harness on our new 2018 F150 Lariat diesel. Our truck and camper had been at the dealership in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for 2 months and I couldn't get Ford to bring them back to Kentucky like the dealership had told me when we left Iowa back in September. I finally gave up, I wanted my truck back! So a busy and I left early the morning of Friday November 15th at 3:30 AM, drove the rental truck straight through (other than short stops for gas and food) to Iowa, got there about about 1:30PM Friday. Service manager said they had replaced the engine wiring harness and drove it (pulling the camper) "extensively" and all checked out fine. I think he was as glad to finally be rid of our truck and camper as I was to finally get them. Anyway, I turned in the rental truck and we left Iowa about 3:30PM Friday afternoon and again drove straight back to Kentucky, but this time with our truck pulling our camper. We got back to Kentucky about 2:30AM, having driven over 1275 miles (between the two of us) in about 23 hours. My buddy is a professional truck driver so I was very grateful for his help with the driving, especially on the return trip. My friend drove most of the way back and I must admit that he drove the truck much harder than I would have but that was probably a good thing to be sure it was indeed working properly. So truck did just fine on the way back from Iowa and has done fine in the 2 weeks since we got home so I finally feel pretty confident the truck is ok.
I had been in negotiations with Ford to give us some compensation and they have have agreed so now I am working to get that finalized. Maybe this nightmare is finally about over.
P.S. I had been driving the rental 2019 F150 XLT gas for 2 months and when I got into our 2018 F150 Lariat it didn't even seem like ours (we'd only had it 2 months when it broke down), a very strange feeling! But it soon came back to me and I remembered just why I liked (and still like) this truck.
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