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Good day. I just purchased a new to me Platinum. It just turned 100K and was wondering if anyone actually did a DEF delete and tune? Which tuner did you use? Did you do an exhaust? I'm new at this stuff and have searched YouTube and all I see are videos posting the sound of their newly deleted trucks, and nothing about how to actually accomplish this. Do I need a new exhaust? I do not really want a loud truck, it's not lifted and have no interest in doing that (except for maybe a level lift). I'd like to get better fuel economy, more HP & Torque and not have any issues with the DEF, limp mode, etc. Any advise? The more detailed from people who have completed this, the better. Thanks!
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I am considering getting rid of my 2018 F150 King Ranch Diesel because I don't thing I can afford the unreliability. I have been a F150 person for quite a while but this vehicle has convinced me to try a Toyota Tundra. I love everything about this vehicle except the unreliability. It is currently in the dealer for a check engine light which occurred while towing my travel trailer. It squawked the exhaust system and went into reduced power mode.
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