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2018 f150 diesel

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Hey guys I figured I would post a review as I feel they lacking .. anyways I have a 2018 f150 lariat diesel with the 502 package and 3.31 rear end.. I currently have just under 17,000 km on it .. I bought it as a leftover 2018 so I saved roughly 20,000 off the sticker price .. would I pay full price for this truck..? I don't think I would.. so far the truck is good I average 10.2l/100 but that's with me driving not hypermiling , if I reset on the highway I get 8.5 ish cruising at 120-130km/hr .. I did tow a 18 foot enclosed trailer up north it was a 900 km round trip and I burned almost half a tank of def .. that was suprising but it towed well I got 15l/100 if I kept it at 110-120 once you hit the 130km/hr it was up to 18L/100 ... the trailer only had kids toys and a dingy in it .. but it's a higher trailer so wind resistance was a killer .. using the engine braking to slow down when pulling pretty much sucks a 5L will do a better job.. there is 1 annoying thing about the diesel .. if you do a rolling stop and try to get going fast it has some major lag.. not sure if its turbo or throttle limited from the computer but plan ahead ..

We have had some cold mornings while I am canadian so kinda cold 3degress celcius and there is a small delay when you remote or push button start ...

The 10 speed is pretty good overall but does get confused at times .. which can make for some clunky driving ..

Overall a good truck...

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message

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Delay is your glowplugs warming.. first diesel?
Laytunes not my first diesel... i was just making an observation about the glow plugs... i was kinda shocked it needed them.. i could see the delay at -15 etc... we have a gmc 6.6 and zero delay and our mercedes was the same.. its not a bad thing just different..
With the push button start it's all computer controlled. If your GMC or mercedes has a standard ignition, you can crank them over instantly if you want and they almost always start normally, but it's better to let them heat up for a few seconds when it's cold to get better combustion initially... now ford just forces you to do this. It's also better for emissions and your DPF to do this, as starting a diesel cold will release more soot and smoke initially if your cylinder is cold.
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