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2018 Ford F150 Redesigned

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Here's a video of the redesigned F-150.

Here's another video of MrTruckTV speaking with a representative that talks about the diesel engine and the different powertrains

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My biggest problem with all the information that came out during this entire release of the 2018 model is that we have zero information on the diesel. They just mentioned the fact that it will happen with a couple general specs and that's it. But at least we're able to connect the dots and see where the engine is coming from, like in this thread: http://www.dieself150forum.com/foru...ssion/1097-f150-lion-diesel-expectations.html
Apparently Ford will be slowly releasing the Diesel specs over time, at least that' what the guy in the second video said. We'll just have to be patient and wait at this point.

On the other hand, the super duty grille looks great on the new 2018 F-150.
Being patient is definitely needed. There's going to be a lot of anticipation, but I feel it'll definitely be worth it in the end.
By the way I was looking into what's happening on the Hybrid end of F150 R&D and it turns out the Hybrid will have a slightly different grille design going on, which makes me wonder what design differences the Diesel will have from other F150 models.

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I think it's the grill design that changes ? Body color matched, aluminum looking, and the strut grill looking insert one?
Too bad it won't have those thin horizontal stripes in the grille like the red F150 one. Just having that square mesh doesn't look that great.
Too bad it won't have those thin horizontal stripes in the grille like the red F150 one. Just having that square mesh doesn't look that great.
Never liked those bars and rather they do without them. Cleaner designs always win. Down the road they might rethink and remove it on a future year model.

Thankfully the hybrid didn't have some ugly looking plate-like backing on the grille since on Hybrids and EV's, it's all too common.

One of many examples:

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The lack of the strips would also aid in cooling. Every bit counts?

That on EVs is definitely hideous but they're purposeful so it makes sense. But that still doesn't change the fact they're ugly as ever lol.
Video of the F150 diesel, doesn't really say much and the title is so click-bait it's ridiculous. Just rolling shots essentially with some close ups and what not.

one important thing it does cover is looking over the design and this being a model of F150 that will really appeal to someone who once wanted an SUV, design will hold more importance than some things the typical F150 owner would look over.

seen it happen with the RAM 1500 diesel.
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