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2018 Platinum

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Just purchased my first truck and this was it! Got a great deal on it and I couldn't argue with the rate from the bank. 2018 F150 Platinum in Shadow Black w/ 5.5' box. I'm not new to trucks, just always borrowed a family member's if I needed one. I finally got sick of that and went out and found the one I wanted. Mildly disappointed that it isn't a 6.5' bed, but I don't foresee having any real issues with the decision I made.

I am from the Milwaukee, WI area and I've already ordered an AFE filter-back exhaust and an intake for a little extra sound.:cool: I came from a 2015 Ford Taurus SHO and was able to sell all the performance parts I had on it to cover what I want for the truck. It didn't come with a tonneau cover so I am in the market for one and am open to suggestions/advice. I want one that rolls up and seals well to rain/snow. I've got my eye on a Gator SRX/SR1/SR2 but haven't quite decided. I'm also in the market for new wheels as the wife is not a fan of what came on it and I'll never argue with getting something else. :D

I'm excited to see what I can learn looking through the forum here.
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@PLTNM3.0 - welcome aboard to our little forum here!

For any new members purchasing a 2018 model (new or used), I point them at the START HERE: Any owners affected by FSA 18E02 (EGR By-pass valve replacement) thread to ensure that FSA 18E02 has been performed. You didn't mention if you bought new or used, so best bet is to have your local Ford dealer provide you with a VIN-specific OASIS report to verify if the FSA was performed.

I don't have a tonneau cover, so can't help you there and I personally like the aluminum rims on my 2018 Platinum -- I'm sure other members on the forums will chime in with their preferences.
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I am in the same boat as jmperlik, I just leave the bed open. Also have a 2018 Platinum with the short bed, but I prefer it as it is easier to park and even though I haul 4X8 sheets and such I have never had a need for a longer bed. (I cheat and use a 12 ft trailer though if needed). You are going to love your truck! Welcome.
Welcome! I have a 2018 KR with the 5.5' bed and I too though I wanted a 6.5' but one can always get bigger by leaving the tail gate down or pulling a small trailer. Can't get smaller if you have the 6.5'.

For tonneau, I have the rollup bak revolver x4. So far so good. Best was it came with my find.

Welcome from a guy from Lacrosse WI. I just picked up a 2018 Platinum .... check into the Pro X15 tonneau.
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