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2018 SCREW 5'5" GCWR

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Unclear which GCWR to go with...

Truck is a 2018 Lariat 500a 4x4 SCREW 5'5" box 145" WB with the standard trailer tow package (53a), only options are the 3.55 e-locker and Sync Connect (Ford Connect). Added factory trailer brake controller after purchase.
Truck has a 2 1/4" leveling kit with 295/65r20 on 20x9 +20.

Ignoring the mods and over sized tires, this is the information on the door panels, hitch and some I've calculated:

  • GCWR: 16,000 lbs or 17,100 lbs (pulled from 2018 RV Tow Guide, see attached)
  • GVWR: 7050 lbs (Door Sticker)
  • GAWR: Front 3750 lbs, Rear 3800 lbs (Door Sticker)
  • Curb Weight: 5,476 lbs (Calculated: GVWR - Payload)
  • Payload: 1574 lbs (Door Sticker)
  • Trailer Tow Package: 53a (Lots of research to find this one)
  • Trailer Hitch Weight Carrying: 5000 lbs max trailer weight / 500 lbs tongue weight
  • Trailer Hitch Weight Distributing 11600 lbs max trailer weight / 1160 lbs tongue weight
  • Maximum Loaded Trailer Weight: 10,100 lbs or 10,700 lbs (pulled from 2018 RV Tow Guide, see attached)

I am wondering about the bolded items above, how do you tell if you have the 16,000 lbs or 17,100 lbs GCWR? I understand I would most likely exceed the payload before the GCWR, but I would still like to have the information.

Items that might warrant the difference (these are just guesses):
  • Maybe the difference between the two GCWR are the stock 18" wheels vs stock 20" wheels
  • Maybe the difference is the extra weight from Lariats/KR/Platinum's compared to XL/XLT Fleet weight (3L PS was not available in XL or XLT in 2018, except fleet.)
  • Maybe Max Trailer Tow Package (53c) was offered with 3L PS Fleet Vehicles, allowing GCWR to be 17,100 lbs. For 2018 to 2020, Max Trailer Tow Package (53c) package was only available to the 3.5 EB for regular customers.
    • Possible Proof: For 2021, Ford allowed Max Trailer Tow Package (53c) on most engines for regular customers. Attached is the 2021 sheet. On 4x4 3L PS SCREW 5'5" 3.55, Max Trailer Tow Package (53c) increases GCWR from 16,300 lbs to 18,000 lbs.
  • Maybe the Class IV Hitch Package (53b) has a GCWR of 16,000 lbs and Trailer Tow Package (53a) has a GCWR of 17,100 lbs.
    • For 2018, Trailer Tow Package (53a) added an oil cooler, upgraded front stabilizer bar and Pro Trailer Backup Assist , which Class IV Hitch Package (53b) did not have.
      • Possible Proof: For 2021, Trailer Tow Package (53a) no longer added an oil cooler and upgraded front stabilizer bar (must be standard equipment now), that's why there is no GCWR difference between Trailer Tow Package (53a) and Class IV Hitch Package (53b) on the 2021 towing chart.

One screenshot is from the Ford/Lincoln 2018 RV Tow Guide. I believe the 2 speed automatic transmission is supposed to say 2 speed automatic Transfer Case, which is what my truck is equipped with.

Thanks in advance!!!


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Ford simply does not explain a lot of differences in GCVWRs on the trucks. I originally suspected differences in wheel/tire combinations, as that limits a lot of the superduty trucks, but I find no evidence there (but lots of errors in the wheel weight ratings). I have also come to the conclusion that the transmission and engine oil coolers included in the 53A possibly along with the stabilizer bar account for the different GCVWRs and trailer tow ratings.
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@SlurpRooster - let me be the first (well maybe 2nd) to welcome you here to our forums!

Agreed there is a lot of ambiguity around tow capacities for our F150s due to the sheer number of wheelbase and engine option combinations along with a lot of marketing around "Best-in-Class" tow ratings = Every time I've looked into this topic, it makes my head spin!

While I won't attempt to respond to each one of your guesses, I will try to summarize what I found:
  1. You will not find much info for Our 2018 F150 PowerStroke Diesels (PSDs) in any 2018 Ford documentation
    • Our 2018 F150 PSDs were very later model year
      • Earliest models did not start shipping until June 2018
      • I didn't receive my factory order F150 PSD until September 2018
      • 2019 F250 SuperDutys started arriving October 2018
    • You will want to reference the 2019 F150 Towing Guide
      • This is the first F150 Towing Guide that references our 2018 F150 PSDs
  2. Ford "Best-in-Class" claims are with packages not available on F150 PSDs (from 2018 F150 Ordering Guide)
    • Max Trailer Tow Package (53C)
      • Usage: Max towing capability 13,200 lbs.
      • Requires: 3.5L Ecoboost V6 Engine
      • Availability: Optional on XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch® and Platinum
      • Includes:
        • 3.55 Electronic-locking rear-axle
        • 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness
        • 36 Gallon Fuel tank
        • Auxiliary transmission oil cooler (Not included on 3.3L V6 PFDI engine (99B) 
        • Engine Oil Cooler (Not included on 3.3L V6 PFDI engine (99B) 
        • Class IV trailer hitch receiver
        • Pro Trailer Backup Assist (47E) with Tailgate LED (Not included on XL Base)
        • Smart Trailer Tow Connector (standard on Lariat and higher)
        • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller
        • Upgraded front stabilizer bar
        • Upgraded rear bumper
      • Optional Equipment Notes:
        • Ordering the Max Trailer Tow Package does not include Trailer Tow Mirrors. Trailer Tow Mirrors are a standalone option and must be ordered separately.
          • 54M (XL)
          • 54Y/59S (XL, XLT)
          • 54W (Lariat, King Ranch®, Platinum)
        • Max GCWR/Max Tow achieved on SuperCrew when equipped w/20” Wheels
          • These trucks will also come equipped with following for this configuration:
            • Max springs
            • Steering gear
            • Upgraded stabilizer bar
    • Heavy-Duty Payload Package (627)
      • Usage: Increases GVWR (for improved payload and towing) to
        • 7600 lbs. on XL
        • 7850 lbs. on XLT and Lariat
      • Availability:
        • Optional on:
          • XL
          • XLT Base
          • XLT Mid
          • Lariat Base
        • Not available with:
          • 2.7L V6 EcoBoost® engine (99P)
          • 122” WB on XL and XLT
          • 145” WB on XL, XLT and Lariat
          • XL/XLT Chrome Appearance Package (86A, 86B)
          • XL/XLT Sport Appearance Package (861, 862)
      • Requires:
        • Trailer Tow Package (53A) required when ordered w/5.0L Engine (995)
        • Max Trailer Tow Package (53C) required when ordered w/3.5L EcoBoost® Engine (99G)
      • Includes:
        • 3.73 Electronic-locking rear-axle
        • 9.75" gearset
        • 36 Gallon Fuel tank
        • LT245/70R17E BSW all-terrain tires (A/T) (T7C) (XL only)
        • LT275/65R18C OWL all-terrain tires (A/T) (T8C) (XLT and Lariat)
        • Upgraded springs and auxiliary transmission oil cooler
        • XL: 17" Silver Steel Heavy-Duty Payload Pkg. wheels (64W)
        • XLT/Lariat: 18” Silver Aluminum Heavy-Duty Payload Pkg. wheels (64H)
      • Optional Equipment:
        • XL: 18” Silver Aluminum Heavy-Duty Payload Pkg. wheels (64H) (LT275/65R18C OWL all-terrain tires (A/T) (T8C) are included with the Unique 18” Aluminum wheels (64H)
  3. I summarized everything I could find in Post #7 of the What is your payload capacity? thread
    • Use this 2019 F150 Towing Guide as reference
      • This is closer to your truck model year
      • 2021 F150 is newer model where towing specs may have changed
  4. I don't claim to be a towing expert but rather trying to summarize information sources for you:
    • to be able to do your own research
    • to reach your own conclusions
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I have a 2021 Lariat SCREW with 7050 GVWR and the “trailer tow package”, but not the “max tow package”. When I was playing with the online configurator, I found that the towing options required the 20” wheels. If I tried to select a different wheel/tire combo, it would cancel the optional towing packages. My conclusion is that the 275/60R20” wheel/tire has a higher load rating than the other wheel/tire combos.
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This is a subject I have done extensive research on with absolutely NO real answers. You all saying it could be the difference between 18" and 20" wheels may be spot on. And FORD never specified that. I have noticed that is how you get to the max towing numbers with the 3.5 EB Max towing pkg.
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