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2020 Ford F-150 Platinum

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Good Evening. Excited to join the forum.

I've wanted a diesel truck since I was 15 but just couldn't ever justify a 6.7 or 6.4 to drive back and forth to job sites. I don't haul anything warranting one lol. Fast forward 10 years, finally picked up the dream truck last Friday. Hard loaded 2020 F-150 Platinum in White with the FX4. Fiancé and I flew to Wisconsin and drove it back to NC.

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First thing I had to do was delete the antenna and remove the bumper air dam. Bought this Antenna Cap to replace it. Next thing I did was install 5% tint on the sides and rear windows. Pic featuring her mommy mobile :D.

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Wasn't dark enough so I got 35% on the shield after. This is all high quality ceramic tint film so you can see just fine looking out, before anyone complains.

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I am getting a 2.5" leveling kit and 35s installed tomorrow. I also have ordered some "exhaust weight reduction equipment" :D that arrives later this week and plan on installing that this weekend. Excited to join the forum, provide my findings and see what y'all have to say!
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I also installed an S&B Dry Cold Air Intake the day after I purchased it. The truck is a beautiful 1 owner, CPO (not for long, that warranty is going bye bye :censored:) with 14k miles.

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The 1 thing that really triggers me about this truck is that I can't get the big boy nozzles in the fuel filler. I've seen a semi write up or 2 about people who have converted it but this is driving me irritated to no end. Going to get it converted ASAP and get a full DIIY out for y'all. Hope someone else can use it, because this is unacceptable on Ford's part.
Welcome and thanks for the photos and write up. 14k miles? That is a record for sure. I did remove the fuel cap restrictions and I really look forward to your project. Best mod I did.
Keep the photos coming!
Custom Wheel Offsets sent me 2 35x12.50R20, 1 35x12.50R18, and 1 35x12.50R17... No clue what the guys in the warehouse were up to when they shipped my order, LOL! Thankfully they have great customer service so I'll be squared away soon.

But for now. the 2.5" Level is on with the stocks still. Looks like I skipped leg day.

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Goodies from the good ole Canucks also showed up today. Random piece of metal pipe to fix my clogged toilet and a tire size adjuster. Getting installed either this weekend or next.
Welcome to the small but exclusive club. You should start getting junk mail from Ford wanting to sell you an extended warranty. Worth considering, because of all the electronics, but I’d wait until about 5000 miles left on the original warranty.
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Welcome to the forum. Congrats on your purchase. Glad to see another one popping up in NC, they are few and far between around here from what I can tell.
Got the goodies installed today. I would not wish this install on my worst enemy, I've installed 8" lifts, done timing chain jobs on Range Rovers. Good lord it is not fun. Between the 97 sensors and the bolts that Ford has designed to be rusted on arrival... But here we are. She always tries to record me even though you can't even see me through the window but I'll get a clip from exhaust angle tomorrow. I don't think the video does it justice. Sounds fantastic. No smoke at all unless full WOT.

Youtube Exhaust Clip
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Leveled on 35x12.50R20. Deleted, AMDP Tuned, 5% sides and rears, 35% shield. S&B CAI. Build is done. Going to enjoy this truck now! I love it more every minute. My absolute dream truck.

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