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Here are a few things I picked up from another site (powerstrokehub.com). Seems like a great starting place for common maintenance items.

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COMMENTS: From our combined experience use caution on inserting the filter cartridge to avoid damage to the oil drain stopper in the filter housing. See this thread: Proper Procedure

Transmission will benefit from more frequent fluid and filter changes. Ditto for differentials.

On draining and flushing antifreeze, the new recommendation from Ford is to use Ford Yellow coolant, which is backward compatible.

Our forum users have reported the 30,000 mile interval is too long on fuel filters, most here believe in a 15,000 mile interval.

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Good info. Here is a bit more info on the coolant. Note that the factory fill only protects down to -34F, but you can get concentrate versions of the coolant to dial it in to your specific climate (drop the "DIL" or "DL") from the part number. Also, Canadian part numbers get a "C" as a suffix.

Testing coolant for corrosion inhibitor is a bit of an oddity as the 3-way motorcraft test strip contains a residual additive test, but the Motorcraft Coolant Compatibility chart lists the part but states to only use the nitrite contamination portion of the strip. Apparently, coolant testing is done away with entirely if the vehicle is running straight yellow coolant.



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