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3.0 power stroke

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Had the egr recall done on my truck today took them about 9 hrs but all went good back on the road 6400 miles now
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Just took delivery of mine on the 23rd Feb it was built 9/28/18, it's got the following code and some blue smoke comes from under front of passenger door? What is the EGR TSB? Could this be why? Only 528 miles on it any thoughts would be appreciated.


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What was the code? I am not able to open the photo, thanks.
We cannot see the image.
P2A00 Set, and P2A01, P0170, P0133 all pending. Sorry about image.


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Still cannot see it. Oh well. Glad U are getting a new truck, I believe right? I wouldnt take the one that threw all the codes and puked coolant everywhere. No way.
It didn't puke coolant, I believe it was from the EGR recall and the lack of cleaning up after techs did it. The CEL lights were on when delivered though. Not how a $65k dollar purchase should go, or any New Car for that matter.
The Manager of Mullinex, Warren, was embarrassed to say the least. It's not how they normally deal with clients "AT ALL" he said.
We are heading to dealer in their loaner to pick up another Black Platinum Stroker with proper inspection and delivery. 👍👍
Black Platinum is Amazing! EGR and PCM complete and is smooooooth! Love the Baby Powerstroke!
@Regular150 glad to hear you are happy with your new Black Platinum, and also happy to hear you got a different truck instead of the first one that seemed to have some issues.

Congrats on your new truck, and welcome to the forum!
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