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35” tires

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Is anyone out there running a 35” tires and how has it affected your fuel mileage I and currently running a 33x12.50x20 and 6” inch lift with the 3.55 gears and I’m getting 23-24 on the highway I was wanting to get 35’s just wondering how much it will affect my mileage
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I have 35x12's on the factory 20" wheels and it has certainly affected my mileage. The truck is stock other than the Fox 2.0 level kit and 35" tires. When the truck was bone stock it was fairly easy to get 23-24mpg. my current situation always ends up being around 18-19. That said, I've heard other folks say they are getting 25-26 with about the same setup. Maybe its the Minnesota fuel, don't know but I'm looking for ways to get some MPG back.
In next few weeks I am putting a 2.0 " level kit on and 285/75-r18s DuraTracs.

It's about a 35.1" tire by 11.2" wide so it's fairly narrow.

I am not sure what makes the biggest difference:




Tread pattern?

I am guessing this order.

Weight, Width, Grip, Height.

It also is affected by your Gear ratio.

I am 3.55

3.73 or 4.11 would probably best for highway/mpg.

Wait and see.

I have nice rims and 32" DuraTracs on my 2010....which is my bush truck so I can always swap.

If I was planning a long highway trip I would just put Factory Wranglers back on for max MPG.
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I’m running raptor take-offs (315/70/17) and my mileage actually improved when I switched over from the factory 20s (285/55/20). Both on BFG KO2s. Not by much (about .5mpg) but it certainly didn’t go down for me. But then if you’re keeping the same sized wheels, I would assume you’ll lose mpgs.
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So you went taller, fatter, wider and heavier and your mileage improved???

That doesn't sound normal....
Magical Raptor tires...
Not verified personally but looking around online, those 20"s weigh 48lbs each. The raptor 17"s weigh 34lbs each. The 285/55/r20 KO2 weighs 51lbs each, according to tire rack. The 315/70/r17 weighs 65lbs each. These are the "c" load rated OEM tires. For those of you doing the math at home, wheel plus tire for the 17"s is 99lbs. For the 20"s... 99lbs. Now, I do a pretty balanced amount of city and highway driving. Per mile, the 20"s rotate about 624 times. The 17"s, about 587. In theory then, the 35" tires should give more favorable highway mileage and less favorable city mileage. For my particular usage, that has resulted in about a 0.5mpg improvement. YMMV.
I am hoping extra torque at LOW rpm of this diesel will not rob power when turning a larger heavier tire?

In theory the diesel torque should perform better mpg than 3.5 or 5.0 because they make torque at higher rpm.

I have 285/75-18 s they measure 34.75" tall and 11.25" wide.

1 trip I lost 2.5 mpg from factory.

2 nd trip I did 8.8 l/100 kms but I had tailwind.

If it's 2-3 mpg loss so be it....with the new aggressive look of leveled truck and big tires it's like a totally different vehicle.

Well worth it....!
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