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48% Remaining on Oil With Only 368 miles

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2018 KR 32k miles. Changed my oil last October (2021) and have put on 368 miles since then and oil life remaining is 48%. Yes I reset the oil life. The vehicle was parked in the garage for 6 months and not driven. We are snowbirds and travel south during the winter months. The oil life must be based upon time. I probably won’t put but about 2000 miles on it this summer so thinking I won’t change the oil in Oct when it will probably be 0% remaining. Thinking I’ll go 2 years which will be prob less than 5k miles. What kind of issues will this create by going 2 years?
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If in doubt just get an oil analysis. I keep my 2013 F150 in the garage and only use it as a towed vehicle for camping. One year I only put about 2,000 miles on it so I waited another year to change it but I had to reset the oil monitor about 3 times as it does time out.
Thanks Dunrollin. I also have Ford ESP 8yr/100,000 warranty. If warranty work is needed on the motor can they decline because the oil wasn’t changed yearly even though low mileage?
I’ve done oil analysis on several of my vehicles using Blackstone Labs. They have confirmed that oil has a much longer life in time than in miles, so I don’t worry about changing my oil every year, only by miles. The reason for timing out the oil indicator is to account for those people who take short trips, which gets water vapor and combustion products in the oil, but who don’t get the oil hot enough long enough to revaporize the water and other light contaminants.

Does that 368 miles consist of short trips?
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No not really. it was 2 trips. One was a little over 200 miles RT and the other the rest of the miles. Basically. After I changed the oil the vehicle was parked in the garage for 6 moths. The percentage went down while parked.
That‘s good to know about the oil analysi.

I‘m going to sell it, just don’t put enough miles on it to justify keeping it.
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…especially with diesel selling for more than high octane gas.
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