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A F-150 with 37 mpg? Yes with an OPOC engine

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It seems close.

Auto Industry Newsletter: Opposed-piston engine work is ?no joke? ? Achates

Fulfils the EPA and CAFE standards for 2025. Now. Achtes will just make some prototypes and then letting the different OEMs to produce the new engines themselves.

With 1500 US$ lower cost, minimal retooling at the transferlines, cleaner, lighter, more torque.

It sounds like a dream. Works on both diesel and gasoline and may be tuned for all fluid energy sources like etanol and sunflower oil. No spark plugs and instead an ignition by solid combustion.
Needs CGI in the block.

Nine secret OEMs are on the customerlist. At least one has started tooling up for volume production :surprise:

That research program has yielded a 2-stroke 3-cyl. (6-piston) engine that Achates will install in two demonstration vehicles later this year 2017. Images of the two test vehicles on a Powerpoint presentation suggest one vehicle is a Ford F-150 and the other a Chevrolet Suburban.
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Here's a video of how the it'll look and operate. This video was posted back in 2013. Cutting out the need for a valve-train saves much money and energy needed.

If Ford can make this happen with a diesel hybrid then it will do a lot for them it the Truck game, possibly getting them an industry best MPG rating. Already the diesel as we know it through other applications will get great mileage, but with this and a hybrid system, it will be insane.

Something also has me thinking that same setup can find its way into a new Lincoln ;)
I think this may be the ultimate solution. A small diesel in an EV hybrid. Smaller battery is needed when you can rely in the diesel when driving and charging outside the citys central areas.
MPG overall may come close to 70 mpg.

Then you don´t have to charge you EV parked for hours with eletricity coming from powerplants fueled by oil och coal.
The hybrid system will react the same way as it would in a gasoline engine wouldn't it?
The hybrid system will react the same way as it would in a gasoline engine wouldn't it?
OPOC can have both petrol and diesel and other liquid fuels. Slightly different configurations. Achates claims that they will present both a driveable petrol and a dieselengine early next year
Soon we will hear more.
Can't wait to hear more information on this. Finally some new implementation of engine layout designs.
Well at least the Hybrid F150 has been surfacing around enough through pictures haven't seen any videos and that might be the next step. Through those videos we might be able to tell if its diesel or not. Only problem is car/truck makers have been learning how to keep diesels so quiet that you have to get within a couple feet of the exhaust just to notice the difference.
The new OPOC-engine may be the solution for Ford to avoid a massive loss of jobs.


Fields may need some education to fulfil the Fords slogan "Go Further With Ford" " But we’re not a company that likes to stay still. We like to evolve."
As of now aren't the EPA grants and contracts frozen? There's still negotiations and what not to happen before any step would really be taken. They may just end up with a less regulation-intense EPA and can resume without the need of trying to implement a new layout as such. Provides much more precious time in terms of testing, tweaking, even re-designing.
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