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Hi all,
What kinds of accessories are you getting?

I have weather tech floor liners and ford mud flaps so far, looking for ideas...
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I purchased the Husky Liners this time around. Very happy with them. I had weather tech on my other vehicles. They always needed pressure washing to make them look clean.
My next accessory need is either a tonneau or cap, any recommendations? I was leaning towards tonneau, that’s what I have on my last truck (diamondback tonneau) but the A.R.E. Caps are looking really good on the 150s
I've added the Husky Floor liners. It came with rear mud flaps, so I am adding the front weather tech mud flaps. I put on a tri-fold bed cover for the time being until I can get a chance to decide on a topper. I have an Appt for monday to do a clear bra installation across the front.
The clear bra is problaby a good idea, I haven’t thought of that, thanks for replying
I will be looking at accessories from brands like Yakima and Thule to for my summer adventures. Canoeing being one of them :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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