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Any high mileage 3.0s ?

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Hi folks. I’m looking to buy a 2018 F-150 diesel. Any owners here with high mileage on your truck? Say above 125,000 miles? What has your experience been as far as reliability? What are the common failure points?

I have an idea how the F-150s last but what about the 3.0? Thanks in advance!
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I have similar experience regarding the DEF still showing empty after refilling it. It just takes a couple start/stop cycles for it to reset.
I topped off the DeF tank within a few miles it reads full. On that trip 200 miles later and I get the add DEF message only 500 miles to go until empty. At 250 miles it was showing 50 miles to empty. I top it off again and the tank only took 1 gallon a the gauge reads full. Very strange. Since it’s been working normally.
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