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Anyone have the Stealth Performance module?

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Been seeing it pop into my feed for alot of different things, and seeing how GDE is down for the count, this may be an alternative to get some low-end put back into our diesels.

If you HAVENT heard of them, look up the website and let me know what you diesel gurus think!
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There is a thread on this in the general forum.

Banks has a video where they disassembled one. They said the plastic case was more expensive than the electronics inside.
I was looking at getting one because I don’t want complicated
I ran the Stealth module for awhile. See thread Stealth Module for details. The Stealth module is a nice compromise between stock and an 'emissions compliant' performance tune.
Regen cycles were about the same as stock running the Stealth module. I was down to ~100 miles between regen cycles with a 30hp 'emissions compliant' tune and ~50 miles between regen cycles with a 60hp 'emissions compliant' tune.

Still have the Stealth module in the box up for grabs if anyone is interested.
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