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Anyone Plan on Offroading?

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Does anyone plan on taking the F150 Diesel offroading? I'm pretty sure it'll be capable enough to tackle light-mid trails but nothing as extreme. But just for curiosity sakes I would like to know if anyone has the plans for it. I'm pretty sure if you were more of an offroader, you would be more geared towards a Raptor but hey... it's a possibility right?
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My only off-roading is the bit of grass and gravel we have at the cottage, aside from that im 90% city, but even some of our city roads are worse than those mild off-road conditions i go on.

Doubt you're going to find many guys here that do off-road these.
Yeah.. I figured as much. Maybe we'll get a few of the odd ones in the pack on the boards here too though lol
Doubt it, the only thing mine will see is a campsite. That's as far as it'll go haha and that's not anywhere close to legit off-roading or even a trail for that matter.
As much as the F150 is touted for its performance and ruggedness, most people won't ever take it off-roading on those tough trails meant for wranglers or Raptors. But it's perfect for taking a trail to your campsite or through some light dirt.
Should be good enough to get your boat in the launch pad as well. Quite the slope, wet, kinda sketchy some times lol
Once you're competent and know what you're doing, you'll have no issues with utilizing this to place your boat in the water on a launch pad. Very lightly ease into the throttle when going back up and all is well. Keep your foot on the brake and slightly release the pressure when going down. Lastly and of course, don't get down too far where the wheels get submerged lol. Straight forward.
Isn't there some sort of hill descent feature that'll make this a heck of a lot easier? As well as a package that has that trailer assist knob for turning and what not?
It takes some practicing to back up a trailer or launch pad, not everyone can do it and i've seen some people fail terribly. Already just backing up a vehicle alone is a challenge, so another object that takes more thinking spells disaster.

But Ford has trailer assist, making it more newb friendly:

That definitely is an amazing piece of equipment but at the same time, It still isn't going to make just anyone capable of doing it unfortunately and we'll still see mishaps with this. It will definitely cut down the amount of mishaps a fair amount though.
That definitely is an amazing piece of equipment but at the same time, It still isn't going to make just anyone capable of doing it unfortunately and we'll still see mishaps with this. It will definitely cut down the amount of mishaps a fair amount though.
What are you talking about? This takes away a lot of guess work, the rest is using your eyes to better see how things are lining up although with this feature you have the advantage. Watch the video again.
People have enough issues averaging while reversing as it is. Adding something that long to it adds that much more difficulty. Adding a knob for a trailer assist feature, people are going to have to try and familiarize themselves with how much turning that knob will compensate for in the direction of left and right. See what I'm getting at here?

Never said you don't have an advantage with this, just saying that a fair amount of people still won't be able to do this and we'll see mishaps occur.
Either way, it's an aid. It's not meant to make anyone perfect or really good and backing up a trailer, it's supposed to help. Take it for what it is, it's not worth overthinking something. Be happy it's there, because years ago we didn't even have parking proximity sensors to make those annoying little beeps when you're getting close to a wall.
It'll get even better once we get trailer systems that also have some automation in them since that could mean a truly idiot-proof system. Shouldn't be too far out from now since trailers aren't nearly as complex as vehicles are, making it easier to bring these to market.
There's already a self parking system that accounts for trailers too, though I don't recall which vehicle has it. But we're getting very close to idiot proof pickups and cars.
Ford F-150 is that model and odds are other models like the Explorer and Excursion will have it but of course everything else they have won't account for trailers although people will be towing small trailers.
Not too concerned about the other two models, but the self park system on the F-150 was spot on with such a large trailer. Would be handy when you're backing the boat into the water.
Hopefully Ford has demo's of those at the upcoming auto shows because there's no better way to sell people on these than getting them behind the wheel. Got sold on cars myself that way and don't regret it.
What I'd like to see is different drive modes for the diesel F150; mud, road, sport, snow, eco, baja?
Raptor already has 6 driving modes and odds are when this F150 comes to market they will want to promote it with a sporty edge or at least with some sort advantage like that.
Like the Raptor.... I want Weather mode.
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