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Auto lock/unlock

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I am still learning all the functions and options in this pickup and am wondering if there is a way to set the auto unlock to unlock all the doors and not just the driver's door? It is annoying me already to put it in park, get out, and then have to hit the unlock button to open the back door or the tailgate to open them. Is there a way to disable the auto lock completely?
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I think this still is the method in the 2019 models:

Also I beleive there is a section in Forscan that will let you do it. If you don't have Forscan, it really opens up several interesting things on our diesels. To me it is a "must have".

Here is a page that will walk you through the Forscan mods needed. Forscan mods for auto lock

Also @jmperlik has done an excellent tutorial to assist us with Forscan at this page: Start here
Yeah, I do have FORScan and have been able to successfully use it to turn off the auto start/stop, activate the DPF %Full and Operator Command Regen. The procedure described in the above video did not work on my 2019 XLT. If there is a way to disable the autolock function with Forscan, is there anyone that knows how to do it?
From what internet research I have done and from the video @Dunrollin posted above, there are two (2) unique functions:
  1. Auto-Lock = All doors automatically lock when you vehicle travels at a preset speed
  2. Auto-Unlock = All doors are unlocked when the driver's side door is opened
From your description, it sounds like you want to enable Auto-Unlock?

The video above shows you how to change either not using FORScan but rather using the engine start switch and the un/lock buttons on the door. Reading thru some of the comments in another forum, F150 owners are saying that this non-FORScan technique no longer works on 2019 and above models.

I do see the following in the FORScan spreadsheet: FORScan 2015-2019 F150s

Once programmed via FORScan, I am hoping that you will get both the Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock controls present in your IPC via: Settings > Advanced Settings > Vehicle > Locks

If the options show up in Settings > Advanced Settings > Vehicle > Locks, then I would try enabling Auto-Unlock by checking the checkbox.

It's raining out so I haven't tried any of this yet but that would be my first attempt...

Let us know if this accomplishes what you are looking for.
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I currently do have the option for the Auto Unlock in the IPC and it is enabled, but for some reason it doesn’t always work. I would prefer to just disable the auto lock completely.
I’m learning as I go here....I noticed this morning that the Auto Unlock works when I shut the engine off and open the driver’s door, but if I leave the engine running and open the driver‘s door, it doesn’t unlock the other doors and tailgate. I probably wouldn’t have noticed this if it were summer, but it is still rather chilly up here in the mornings and I like to leave the pickup running sometimes when I am doing errands.
@mcarlo - is the engine running the defining factor for "sometimes it don't work" experience above?

What you describe would make sense from a safety perspective, as I imagine you wouldn't want the kids escaping thru opened doors (when you open yours) and the vehicle is running.

There is a limit as what you can do with FORScan programming, as FORScan programming allows you to change options the Ford firmware developer has exposed in the IPC User Interface (UI):
  • If the option is exposed (as documented in above spreadsheet), you can change via FORScan
    • What is recorded above was determined from crowd-sourced reverse-engineering
  • If the option is not exposed, FORScan doesn't provide any way to program "what you want"
    • I'd love to have DPF Full% displayed above a gauge (like engine/oil temps) but alas
  • You get what Ford chose to provide/expose to the owner/end user
Sounds like it is Working-As-Designed (WAD) = you only get Auto-Unlock with the engine turned off.

If you are getting out of your vehicle while leaving the engine running, I think you'll find more annoying "features" like:
  • Auto-Lock (if you step more than 4 feet away from the driver's side door)
  • Double-honk
If you really want Auto-Unlock, you may need to change you behavior to turn the engine off first...
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@jmperlik Yes, I figured out this morning that whether the engine is running or not is the determining factor for the Auto Unlock to work or not. I was hoping it would be something I could turn off, but oh well. In my 2010, it auto unlocked when the transmission was put into park. That seemed plenty reasonable for safety as there were “child locks” on the back doors that could be put on so the doors wouldn’t open from the inside. I guess Mother Ford just knows better than me. 😂

Since this pickup is an XLT, it has an actual key for the ignition instead of a key fob and push button, so it doesn’t do the double honk thing or auto lock.
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Since this pickup is an XLT, it has an actual key for the ignition instead of a key fob and push button, so it doesn’t do the double honk thing or auto lock.
I've only own F150 Platinums, which come standard with Start/Stop Push button and Key Fob. I just assumed that 10 years later Ford provided a Key Fob for all trims = learned something new today!

Also guessing since no Key Fob, then no Remote Start? (No Key Fob = No button to push!)
Also safe to assume no Remote Start capability via FordPass either on XLT trim?

After having these "creature comforts" for 10+ years, I'd need some serious "behavior modification" in order to drive...
I can remote start it with the Ford Pass app on my phone. It has buttons on the key to lock and unlock the doors and also has the number pad on the door to unlock with the key code. I have a ‘12 Lariat and basically the only differences option-wise between this and the older Lariat is the XLT has a cloth 40/20/40 split bench seat (so no heated or cooled seats) and the mirrors aren’t power fold. It’s a nicely equipped XLT, perfect for a work pickup. I really like having the bench seat with the shifter on the steering column. It is much roomier that way and there is a place to put my shotgun or rifle next to me too. 👍

The Auto Unlock thing and the seat belt minder (which I did turn off with FORScan) are annoyances when working. I live in a rural area and ranch on the side. I still use pickups for working more than just driving/commuting. When out in the pasture or driving from the barn and having to stop and open gates, etc, it is nice not to have to either buckle and unbuckle the seat belt all the time (so we don’t have to hear the darn chiming when we aren’t buckled) and unlock the doors. Little nanny things that I just shake my head at. Haha.
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OK, so you have lock/unlock on a smart key with those buttons integrated into the physical key = I had this on the 2014 Focus SE that I leased for my daughter.

If you can open the doors with the button on the key, then the truck is set up with the radio to receive the unlock signal and you also have the electronic un/lock mechanical systems connected to the un/lock buttons on the door. Based on this, I assume you also have remote un/lock in FordPass app?

Interesting that you can Remote start from Ford Pass, which tells me every F150 comes with remote start capability.

Makes you wonder how if it possible to program a the "big" keyless fob onto an XLT, since all of the underlying control systems already exist for both remote un/locking and remote starting:
  • I think I heard somewhere that the "big" keyless fob is like $600 to replace/reprogram
    • Not worth the price if you have the same functionality via the FordPass app
  • You still need the key to put in the ignition to start the engine, so would need to carry both
    • Stupid idea = my just thinking out loud = move along/nothing to see here
Sounds like your new XLT is set up nice for a work truck -- congrats on finally taking delivery!
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Yes, I also have remote lock/unlock in the Ford Pass app.
mcarlo86 - you may have remote start. IF your key fob has a button with "2X" inside a circled arrow, that may indicate remote start capability. IF you have that 2X button on your key fob, try pressing the lock button once, then press the 2X button twice. That's how my XLT has remote start, in addition to the remote start via the Ford app.
For the 2019 F150 3.0 XLT, it appears remote start was included in equipment group 302A, per my vehicle's Monroney window sticker.
Here is what my key looks like.
Car alarm Peripheral Input device Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment
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Mine came with equipment group 301A. There is nothing in the optional equipment list about auto start. I thought it was cool that I can start it with the Ford Pass app.
Dratts. Looks like no remote start via the key fob.
Looking at the latest 2019 F150 order guide, it shows the Remote Start System (via the key fob) is included in 302A, but not in 301A.
My 2019 XLT 3.0 with 302A key fob looks like this:
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