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Bilstein B8 6112 & 5160

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I wanted to level out my new truck and improve suspension response, so after doing some research and decided on Bilstein 6112 and 5160.

Should i have any concerns about spring rates ? from everything i could find online they are somewhere around 600 lb/in

I did a-lot of research about our factory spring rates, didn't find much other than;

Spring Code: VVCC ( couldn't find this lbs/in reference anywhere )
Front GAWR: 3900lbs

My thoughts are when you increase the preload on the supplied Bilstein spring by moving the perch up, you are effectively increasing the spring rate if its linear wound. So by moving up the perch from the 0" to 2" i am hoping the effective rate is somewhere close to factory for the diesel front end weight..

i asked the vendor to clarify these points before shipping, i will respond to this post with their answer.

My previous high end shock experience is with Koni RAID's on my Nissan Safari, these are absolutely brilliant and if offered for F150's i would defiantly go that direction but unfortunately they are not.. next best option for me is the Bilstine B8's which are on special for Canada Day.

I will post pictures and review when they arrive..
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Nope, I have used and read rave reviews about Bilsteins for years, good choice!

Oh and setting at 2" will be 2" higher than front end is now.
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After doing some more research they seem to be 500lb/in in the 6112's which are fine for the 449lb 3.5 eco-boost and 444lb coyote v8.

our 3.0 PS engines weigh in at 501lb

my first thought is 52lb seems insignificant and these should work.
If you are worried about weight. Look at AutoSpring, and leaving the Bilsteins at 0" lift, and using the AutoSpring spacer to get the lift. They do the same thing.... I have ran both since 06 in F150s and they have all worked just fine, zero issues.
Just an update; these have been backordered for the last month and i expect them to ship mid August. I have picked up some BFG KO2 285/65R20 which i will install in the fall after i get the Bilstein in.
2nd from top clip location


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i am going to probably adjust to the top 2" setting so i can fit my spacers with gatorback mudflaps and hopefully not rub with my 285/65r20 KO2s
285/65r20 KO2s installed


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Looks great!
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I know this is more of a F150.com question but i will try anyways.. Do you know if I can run 285/65R20 KO2 with 2" lift and 1.25" wheel spacers and Gatorback mud flaps or do i need to order the setback type ?

i ordered BORA 1.25" spacer and Gatorback FX4 flaps


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10ply - rougher driving, buy they just last so much longer..
Did u lose a lot of fuel economy or not that bad, I have 331 gears if that matters
I havent driven it much since installing,

PSA: I had to re-work the tire size in Forscan, its accessed by multiple perimeters in the TCU and PCM and didn't feel/drive right until i corrected it.

Just picked up my Raptor center caps and FX4 Gatorback flaps
How is the handling now with the bilstein? Do the 6112s on the front feel nptoceablyfirmer than the mushy stock? Do the springs feel up to the job with the extra weight of the diesel? I had 5100 s on my 16 lariat and while they were certainly an improvement they seemed to go soft pretty quickly so looking for something better for my 19 platinum PS. Looking for road oriented, not off-road. Already got the rear ARB to go on, need to decide on shocks. Will be running at stock height
Its firmer on the small bumps and cornering, while still being soft over the bigger stuff.. I am not 100% a fan but it was a good upgrade.

I feel for the road stuff it should be the opposite, soft on the small stuff and harder on the bigger bumps.

I have it set one notch from the top, I still need to do an alignment though.
it took a bit for the shocks to break in, but I am now very happy with the results.

I ended up bumping the fronts up to the top cir-clip setting and swapping the rear factory blocks to 3" Ready Lift (1.5" net). I was getting flashed while towing due to being nose up, so I wanted to add in some rake again. I am very satisfied with the 3" block combo, I even did some pretty serious offroad articulation during my whitetail trip last week and it worked very well, sway bars obviously were the limitation for wheel drop and the rears were way off the ground several times but I experiences zero binding or rubbing with 285/65r20 KO2's

I did all the work myself on a quiet dead end city street, it was quite easy with basic mechanics tools and took a few hours per side going slow and methodical.. you defiantly would want a quality floor jack for safety.

I will post pictures later today.
rubbing on the inner rear mudflap, will adjust tomorrow
upper inner front mudflap, don't think its actually fowling on the rear crash bar so spreading would achieve nothing
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