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BMS Disconnected - 3.0l Diesel - Draw on battery

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I have a radar detector that display voltage. I have noticed since I unplugged BMS at the negative post, the radar would never shut off and when I would come out in the morning battery voltage would be 11.9-12.3v, not a healthy charge.*
Last night I plugged BMS in and left the hood cracked. This morning radar was off and my voltage via multimeter was 12.67v.*

Anyone seen this before? Ive read numerous threads about disabling BMS on the gas engines and no problems. Something seems to be different with the diesels.
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Just guessing but the BMS can shut off various components and systems if they remain active after the truck shuts down. Seems a radar detector would be minimal draw though. I think it is the same system as the other F150s.
Has anyone on here disabled ASS with Forscan? Can you test your battery voltage over night?
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