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Apart from the loops that slide into the box link, are there any other accessories that fit? I’d like to see something like a rail that allows you to position the tie downs anywhere in the bed.


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@Henfield - I see that your post has gone here unanswered for a few weeks, so I will take a crack at responding...

Ford Boxlink is supposed to be a revolutionary "Cargo Management System" that Ford has been pushing since at least my 2015 F150 Platinum.

As far as I know these are the only Ford manufactured Boxlink Accessories:
  1. Bed Standard Interface Plate (Part No: FL3Z-9928408-AB)
  2. Bed Cleats - Premium Locking, Carbon Black, 4-Piece Kit (Part No: HL3Z-99000A64-A)
  3. Bed Divider (Part No: FL3Z-9900092-A)
  4. Bed Ramp Stowable Loading - One Ramp Kit (Part No: FL3Z-99286F56-B)
  5. Bed Ramp Stowable Loading - Two Ramp Kit (Part No: FL3Z-99286F56-C)
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