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CP4 failure at 48k. Anyone have a similar experience?

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Before you read, my filter replacements are done at 15k, but will probably ramp up to every 10k, and i get diesel at valero, shell, and HEB. So fuel quality isn't much of an issue as far as I can tell.

So my truck went in for its last maintenance oil change and a check engine light about low fuel pressure. Got a call that afternoon saying that they found metal shavings in my fuel system and the truck wasn't going anywhere for a while. Been digging through the interwebs and found ALOT of info about CP4 failures in dodge, GM, ford 6.7s, and the class action lawsuits that have been following.

The lucky thing I have on my side is that my truck is still under warranty and it wasn't a battle to get it to be covered.

Has anyone else had an issue this early with their fuel pump? Ive read that it happens around 100k, but man, mine seems just was too early and thats got me rattled, since this is my work/personal truck.

Been debating about downgrading to cp3 if possible, or upgrade to FASS system down the road if need be.

Any and all info is appreciated!
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Probably the biggest thing you can do is double and triple check the fuel line from your pump to your filler neck. I do it every time (now) , but had a scare in Italy with a lovely rental BMW where I was jet lagged and put a gasoline nozzle in the filler nozzle. My wife noted the mistake and very fortunately averted a disaster before I started pumping, but it has happened to numerous people that I know. It likely speak to my gene pool.

I ran the mat on the investigation versus the 3.0L engines under scrutiny. The numbers work out to 0.28% warranty claims versus vehicles on the road. I only have two CP4 vehicles on the road, but with 210,000 miles between the two, the CP4s have yet to miss a beat. With than in mind, fuel in the US is targeted to ATSM specs that are less stringent than Bosch speicifications. Bosch knew this and seems to be paying the price.
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