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After reading through this thread, I had an opportunity to stop by the dealership. I spoke with my salesman who was unaware of the orientation document. He spoke with some other people in sales and found a couple who knew what he was talking about. So two of probably a dozen or more knew about it. On the good side, now they have three people who know. My salesman is rather new, I can easily see how he might not know. He will bring it up at their next meeting, and hopefully, it will be educational for entire sales staff. I had the document in my inbox before I reached home. I would give my guy high marks so far. He has been quite attentive to my needs. One thought on the videos, not all of them are shot with an f150. Looks like a Lincoln interior in some, and some of the controls featured while analagous in use, may not be in the same spot, look or operate exactly the same.
A big thanks to the forum and all who share.
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