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Dealer Video Of My Truck

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Here is the video the dealer took as a promotion prior to sale. A few funny things I noted: The poor truck has no fuel in it at all! Later at the sale the salesman took me with him to fill it up and he almost put gas in it till I mentioned he had to go to the diesel pump.

Also they didn't take the time to vacuum or sweep the carpets. Anyway, if you have a minute enjoy a short clip.

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$70K vehicle and they couldn't take a hour to detail it or 10 minutes to vacuum it before taking a sales video?

I don't remember the details, but was this a marked-down 2018 left-over?
@jmperlik it was! Good memory. Here is the ad that caught my attention, and IMO it was a great deal.


I still had my 2018 Bluejean but Ford had agreed to the buy back, so it was a matter of (a lot of) time. For a couple of months I owned three F150s.
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I got my 2019 F150 4x4 S/C Lariat diesel last Summer.

Paid 52,000 CAD(42000 USD). and dealer forgot the $599 Mudflaps in the price....and I wasn't going to tell him either....

I think it was the color that people didn't like.


Only options I didn't get were the Premium stereo, and heated steering wheel.

I put some Fuel Rims, 35" tires, Leveling Coilovers, might ditch chrome bumpers and running boards in future...

But truck is a head turner when washed and waxed.

Very happy....
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Magma is a great color, and Lariat has more options than I can usually figure out. I love a story where the buyer got the better of the dealer, good job!
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