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DiamondBack Covers

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Anyone on here have any experience with DiamondBack truck bed covers? I'm looking for something that keeps my bed secure and dry but I don't want to buy another camper top. I like that the diamondback is strong enough to put gear/equipment on top of it as well as under. Any knowledge would be appreciated.
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I have heard of them but never have owned one. I have a BakFlip along with about 50 other people I know. They work great, and lets little to no water in.
My neighbor across the street had one on his 2500 Denali. He really liked it and never complained of any leaking. We used it one trip to tie down his ATV. It supported the weight no problem.
I have a Diamondback cover on my 2017 F250 LB and I love it. They shipped it to me in San Diego from Pa. It's covered in Line X and will support 1600 lbs. I like to stand on it to wash and wax the roof of my truck. I haven't noticed any leaks, it has a heavy duty seal. I'm pretty sure it has a lifetime guarantee and can be installed or removed by one person. They also gave me a veterans discount. Just yesterday someone was asking me about it for their truck.


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