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Diesel Additives on 3.0l?

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Hey guys new to the forum and was wondering if anyone has been using any diesel fuel additives? I just purchased a 2019 king ranch super crew 3.0l and love it! But before I start putting heavy miles on It I am very curious about the additives. I understand the owners Manuel has a bit of a grey area in the subject saying you can use additives but you don’t need to? But it’s still a Diesel engine and I figure adding lubricity and protecting against a bad batch of fuel Amongst other things is not a bad idea. I had a good friend who was a former diesel mechanic in Ireland recommend liqui-moly additive and I’ve also heard decent things about all season stanadyne. Anyhow if anyone has been using any products please let me know which ones and how it has been working out for you.
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@MickeyQ - first off let me welcome you aboard to the forums, as this is your first post.

Multiple threads on the Fuel additives topic:
Suggest you peruse the forums or use the Search Community box in the top center of every page to search on your topic before asking a question that may have been answered.

I personally use both Stanadyne Performance and Lubricity Formulas year-round on every fill-up of my Titan XXL 40 gallon fuel tank for the exact reasons you bring up.

Welcome again to the forums!
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