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Diesel Particulate Filter Clean (DPF)

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Any Idea on 2018 F150 Diesel particulate cleaning issue. I have 32,000 miles and start having issue on DPF after I run about 300 miles after I do self cleaning. any Help?

thank you ,
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@bgonzalvo - let me be the first to welcome you here to our forums!

Before we can understand what's going on, I think we need some basic questions answered:
  1. What type of driving do you normally do? City? Highway? Mix of both?
  2. Have you had the infamous FSA 18E02 EGR By-pass valve replacement performed?
  3. Are you FORScan-enabled in order to view DPF Full% in your IPC?
  4. Are you FORScan-enabled in order to expose OCR (Operator Commanded Regen)?
  5. Are you FORScan-enabled to view any OBD codes?
  6. What "issues" are you seeing?
I ask these questions because your 2 sentence description of the problem is sparse on info:
  • OCR is the only way I know to control or initiate a "self-cleaning"
  • Average distance between regens is 125-150 miles for typical city driving
  • Highway driving raises DPF temps to allow passive regens = increased distance between regens
  • 300 miles is the maximum mileage you can drive before your truck automatically initiates an active regen
Please post back w/more details, I don't think you've provided enough information for us to help.
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