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Diesel particulate filter regen in process

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Light came on for the first time ever was there an update to allow this to be seen in the information system?
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Can you describe what "Light came on" in more detail? Did you manage to capture a photo of it?

Have you done any of the FORScan mod's to allow for DPF % Full or OCR to be displayed in the information system?
Can you describe what "Light came on" in more detail? Did you manage to capture a photo of it?

Have you done any of the FORScan mod's to allow for DPF % Full or OCR to be displayed in the information system?
It is the same infotainment message that the super duty owners get, I am wondering if it is a system update from ford pass app or the wifi stuff in the truck. I do not have any forscan mods so this was interesting should have taken a pic of it but I did not lol.
@jamanrr see if you can get a photo of it the next time it pops up.
Its funny you should mention a possible update, I jumped in my truck yesterday (7pm MST) to go grab some groceries and it felt like the truck had been re-tuned ( more low end grunt, faster throttle, more aggressive shifting ) so much so that I had to check if it was in sport mode and it was not.. i just hit 1300km's and thought maybe the truck switched to a more aggressive tune after some pre defined break-in period or something, or that it was just in my head..

I do have automatic updates applied.

I doubt i am just imagining it as i am very in-touch with how my vehicles are behaving mechanically.

@jamanrr see if you can get a photo of it the next time it pops up.
Okay will do it chimed and the message popped up like a low fuel warning or something
I am 99% sure Ford does not push ECM updates via the air. It is done thru a PC at a dealer.
I am experiencing the same thing with my truck as @Jgleadle which started in my truck about a week ago. I hate the new tune that seems to have been delivered over the air--well, love-hate. Love the immediate throttle response and feels like what Sport Mode felt like before. Hate the fact that I am now 50% DPF Full in 50 miles instead of like 125 miles. Every time I start up and move my truck it is an automatic +5% DPF Full gain.

I started trying to remember putting it into ECO Mode every time I start the truck and then the throttle behaves like it used to, and I got used to needing to wait a little longer for traffic to clear before entering into traffic, and for those times I couldn't wait, well then Sport Mode to the rescue.

I have been doing a lot of errands with my truck over the past week, and those errands have me in regen waaaaaay toooo often! It could also be that I ran out of The Fuel Ox 2-3 tanks ago. I know there is another thread on that where people claim it didn't do anything for them. Well, The Fuel Ox either did great things for my regen intervals or it is this new over the air tune that is killing me now (along with the unusual amount of shorter trip errands that I would normally do in the CX-5 but we have had both vehicles quite active as of late).

The attached FORScan screenshots illustrate the difference...


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Can you post a pic of your PCM strategy in the Forscan log? Maybe a before and after? I really don’t think they update the PCM over the air.
I have spoken to multiple Ford techs since last night that said no ECM updates over the air. MAYBE there are Sync updates but that doesnt always work over the air. They said no way in **** is ECM or TCM updated over the air. Only thru a wire and IDS plugged into OBD port.
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Green Diesel Engineering....

We need you.

Please help us.
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I don't know why it popped up have not seen it since and have not noticed an increase in regens. One thing I have noticed is I get almost 680-700 miles out of a tank of Exxon super duper synergy diesel super fuel, it is pretty awesome stuff and I plan to buy it where ever I can find it.
So I’m a newbie here, but not to diesels. I’ve logged about 2-1/2 million miles in Powestrokes since the 7.3L, and this 3.0L is certainly different. Although my mileage barely drops 1mpg after completing a regeneration, it goes into regeneration ever 130 miles. Then, it only drops to 25% and shuts off. I’m running a ScanGauge so I’m certain the data is accurate, but Jeesh.... is that normal? Shouldn’t it run down to close to 0% when in regeneration? I purposely have taken care to be driving with cruise locked in at 55-60mph, and it STILL shuts down at 25%. It DOES seem to run through passive regeneration around 75%, because it varies between 70-80% going up and down before it decides to just run up to 99% and switch “ON”.
I just entered all the exhaust bank inputs so I can monitor passive regeneration and get some insight on how this 3.0L thinks.
@Smokewagun - 125 miles between regens is certainly right around the average I am seeing for local/non-highway driving -- lots of previous threads on this topic as we were trying to figure out what the average is: e.g. Stuck in regen? I was not happy to find out regen average < 150 miles...

I do consistently get down to 0% in the IPC during my actively-managed "blow-out" runs when I am full, so the 25% doesn't sound right. Questions for you:
  1. Have you enabled DPF Full% in the IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) via FORScan?
  2. What does DPF Full % in the IPC show after a regen?
I do notice that DPF_SOOT_PCT_CL (DPF System Percentage of the Maximum Soot Loading - Inferred Closed Loop) PID in FORScan never drops below 25% and the 0% displayed in the IPC is some sort of weighted average, so maybe the 25% you are seeing is one of the PIDs and not the average in the IPC.
jmperlik, I have not enabled the screen through Forescan. I need to learn how to do the Forescan stuff, as I bought the OBD adapter for my 2016, and never did it. Kind of intimidating. I’m betting the 25% variance is exactly what you mentioned. I’ll look for some direction on Forescan and give it a shot.
@Smokewagun - you are in luck! Just finished a new "Sticky" thread on this very topic: START HERE: New FORScan user education
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