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Diesel Truck - 1st timer

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Hello from SE Louisiana -

I happen to come across this forum a few days ago and have read almost every comment that has been posted.

I purchased my first diesel truck one month ago. I was originally looking for a F-150 Lariat 4x4 in Blue Jean with Black leather and the 5.0 V8. I happen to stumble across a 2018 with the same color combination locally but it had the 3.0L diesel. Since it was a 2018 model, I got a great price and 0% financing. I always wanted a diesel but was afraid to pull the trigger until now. Took out the extended warranty just in case.

2,000 miles in - No problems and I'm in love with my truck. Performance is outstanding and getting better than posted MPG for a 4x4 with 3.55 gears

Thanks to everyone who posted comments - I've learn a lot about the truck in a short time.

I hope to enjoy this truck for many years to come
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You will. Just change the fuel filters and oil and it should be pretty much problem free. Only thing is the DPF, but they really seem to have those working pretty good by now. You can always delete it being down here in the South.

Enjoy it!
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