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Disabling key fob tailgate release

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Hi all,
I’d really like to disable the tailgate release on the key fob. I’ve inadvertently opened the tailgate several times and am now paranoid about that. Tailgates go missing around here a lot.
Does anybody know how to do that?

Scott. 2018 Diesel F150 Platinum FX4

PS. I can use FORscan
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I found this post in another forum (https://www.fordraptorforum.com/HideOldFor/f260/door-code-key-pad-drops-tailgate-59105/) ... it is changing a code with FORScan within the BCM...

"What year? On my 2017, I disabled remote tailgate operation here:
726-37-02 xxxx x*xx xxxx 5=enabled, 4=disabled

This disabled remote tailgate operation from the key fob. I haven’t tried it from the keypad."

According to the FORScan spreadsheet, the valid codes and meanings in this position are:
Remote07 Cfg: 0=no action, 1=glass, 2=manual, 3=PDL, 4=power, 5=trunk; however, it may be worth an experiment to see if this deactivates the tailgate drop from the key fob as discovered above.

Supposedly from what I read is that after you enter your keypad entry code to unlock the truck if you follow the entry with a 5 or 6 it drops the tailgate, so it is recommended to not end your keypad entry code with a 5 or 6 in case you accidentally double-press it at the end your tailgate drops. I have not tested this on my truck yet to try to make it happen, but I can say that my code ends in a 5 and has been used to gain entry into the truck multiple times without unknowingly dropping the tailgate. This will be an interesting thing to try to see if it actually happens.
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Here is another post I found on this (https://www.f150forum.com/f118/fors...atures-your-truck-348987/index57/#post4833009), and the guy that posted this is a rock star in the F150 Forum especially with respect to FORScan...

"Ughhh I hate the BCM module...after 2 more hours of testing, all I found was remote tailgate release enable/disable.

726-37-02 0001 0002 026B Remote tailgate release disabled"

Of the above 2 approaches, I would start with this approach as I know the guy that posted that is solid. If this approach doesn't work, then I would give the 1st approach in the above post a try.

Regarding using the keypad to release the tailgate...I guess this is by design, so that you can not only get entry into the truck without the key fob but also into the bed of the truck.
Thank you! I’ll give it a try today and let you know how it works out.
Awesome, please do report back because there are probably others that would like to do this as well.

Good luck with it.
The mod as posted in post #2 worked like a champ and only required one value change. I haven’t detected any adverse effects from making the mod. The one is post #3 changed almost all the previous values, so I was reluctant to do that. When I get a little more confident in this stuff, I might try the second idea.
I'm glad I was able to find the working solution for you Scott.

Also, tonight I unlocked my truck from keypad entry and entered another "5" (my unlock code ends with a "5") and my tailgate dropped. From my research entering a "6" after the keypad entry unlock would have dropped the tailgate also but I didn't validate that. So, thought to share this with the forum so everyone is aware of it. I guess this is why it is not recommended to have your keypad entry code end in a "5" or "6" because if you accidentally press the last entry an additional time you drop the tailgate--however, I could hear it drop down so not likely would you not realize you did it but would be possible (just don't accidentally do it in a location where you would drop the tailgate on an object or garage door)...speaking of this, the new GMC multi-function tailgates are going to get damaged a lot by accidental release onto hitch balls, because you have to remove your ball mount or it will make a wrong impression on that all too fancy for its own good tailgate.
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I heard about that problem with the keypad. I was lucky and had not used a 5 or 6 in my code. Hopefully that doesn’t bite anybody.
I wish there was a button on the dash , that would open the tail gate for me. I go golfing a lot and I pull up to bag drop, and I have to fumble with the key, to drop the tail gate for the guy to get my bag of clubs out. it would be so much easier if I had a switch on dash to open the tailgate.
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