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New to this and actually first time diesel owner.

Bought the 3.0l Powerstroke 2018 a week or two ago, everything is deleted on the truck with an intake and exhaust.

My n00b question is, do I need a tuner for my truck since its deleted?

If so...Which one? Ez Lynk Auto Agent by Proven Diesel I have been eyeballing but heavy price tag.

Thank you for everyone's input.

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The short answer is yes and no. If the truck is running fine then you don’t need a tune but if it won’t start or if it is throwing a bunch of codes yes, you need a tune.
These generally will not run at all with out a tune after removing the egr, dpf, scr and such so I suspect yours already has one. If it is doing fine just drive and enjoy otherwise get out your wallet!
As I understand the process the tune is part of the delete. The shop would not try to start the engine after the parts removal without first installing the new tune.
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