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DPF clogging, reduced power, check engine warning

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I have been combing through posts looking for a solution to the above. Seems Forscan could be the answer for DPR monitoring and manual regen but I can't seem to get a proper handle on it. Would be gracious for some guidance on this. I'm new to the forum and it seems there are a lot of well informed members here. Thanks in advance, Tony
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@trez - Let me be the first to welcome you here to our forums!

If you are looking for information on how to enable/use FORScan to get more information, our most comprehensive thread on this can be found here: START HERE: New FORScan user education

You may be the first (that I am aware) of with a clogged DPF, so please post back symptoms and DTCs so that we all know what to look forward to in the future.
Thanks Jmp. I don't have a DTC as yet as I'm still trying to install Forscan and awaiting my OBD adapter.
The truck seems to frequently go into reduced power mode with check engine light going on. Dealer says to go for a 30 min. highway run to clear. That works but frequency of issue is frustrating. I'm thinking that if I can monitor the DPF % I can be proactively doing a manual regen to avoid the unexpected power loss which can cause problems when the vehicle slows down significantly.
Welcome! You are correct that forscan can do some excellent things for you, dpf% for one and monitoring the dpf in real time for another. Seems you can get it running and the dealer thinks a good run might clear it. Through Forscan you can also command a regen right in your driveway, and it can get you down to zero. Here is a post of when I did the regen and I was very pleased. Click right here for Driveway DPF OCR Regen. Hope these ideas help you sort out your issues.
Thanks very much. My OBD adapter should arrive tomorrow so will be giving this a go soon. I'll post my experience for sure.
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Here are the changes I just made (keeping a log)
March 31, 2023
  • Backed up IPC As built module
  • Backed up PCM As built module
  • Using IPC Module (English), changed Automatic Regeneration Control to “Enabled”.
  • Using IPC Module (as built) changed 720-07-02 x*xx xxx xxx from 2 to A
I now have a DPF% screen under Truck Info and a Auto Regen check box under System, I am curious what the following additional change would make:
4. Use PCM module to select option #3 under DPF manual regen (posted by kdjasper)

Thanks to all for providing great Forscan info
Finally got to do a driveway regen and it seemed to work perfectly. It did take 35 minutes for the truck to idle down and complete the process. I started at 95% DPF Full. After about 25 minutes the Truck screen show DPF% 0. What I noticed is the reading for Soot Mass continued to decline. I did let it go for the additional 2 minutes at idle but nothing changed. I kept a record of the kms on the odometer and will see how far I can go before I reach 95% again. It's good to feel you can control the regen cycle as more than once I've experienced a limp mode when the DPF Full warning came on. It's sudden and not fun!!
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