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I'll find out soon if my Ecodiesel is totaled. I test drove a new 18 Lariat today, and it felt a lot like my Bighorn. Bargaining with the dealership is exhausting. The good news is they seem much more plentiful.
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Yes they do appear to be lingruring around on lots do not think the take rate is very high, me on the other hand have known for many many year what old europe ford has had in their wings. To get something like this state finally is a gem. Just hope they hold together for many hundreds of thousands of miles.
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@d2305 - with the impending totaling of your Dodge Ram EcoDiesel, does this mean we might have flipped someone to the Ford "blue side"?!?

If so, then welcome to the club! I think you might have some EcoDiesel "black eye" stories other members may find interesting, so we hope you can share your EcoDiesel experiences...
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I just bought a new 2018 last Friday that had been with the dealership since June 18. They moved it closer to me, same dealer has 12 dealerships, and it been there over 3 months...no takers. It had 890 miles on it, half of which was location transfer, and they made me a great deal to get rid of it. I asked is they had any more 150 diesels and they happily/quickly replied NO!
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