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engine light

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I have a 2019 F150 and the engine light came on yesterday, I checked my fuel inlet to be sure it was closed, I just had it at the dealer for a oil change, could it be the EGR, ? I will call the Ford dealership today.
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@justlucky - could be any number of things...

You have FORScan, so let's use it to see what codes have been thrown:
  • Plug things in like you are going to use FORScan to program
  • FORScan will run a system check on all modules before you get to the point of being able to do monitoring or programming
    • You will get green checkmarks for each module that checks out OK
    • You will get red Xs for any module that has an issue
  • FORScan will throw DTCs ((Diagnostic Trouble Codes) for anything out-of-the-ordinary
    • If the Engine light appears in your IPC, very high probability a DTC has been thrown in FORScan
    • I use FORScan to read the DTCs to tell the Service Writer at the dealership what is wrong upon arrival
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i played golf today, i got back into truck and the light was out , but it was on when i went to the course,
@justlucky - any DTC codes thrown, regardless if Check Engine Light (CEL) is on or off, should be stored in FORScan
Ok Jim, as you know I have Forscan for life, I easily connected my laptop to the truck with the adapter. I am no expert on Forscan and it does have me work in caution, I want to be sure I do not make a mistake. I find out I have three codes, I called the dealership, and told the service rep. that I have codes and I know what they are, I am set up to go in on Tuesday, I am happy I can go in show them the codes and they will know that I will know, what is wrong, and if they are all cleared when I leave..
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