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Just noticed recently that my local Mobil station rolled out this Synergy Diesel Efficient™ at the beginning of 2019.
=> This is my normal Mobil station that I use locally when I need to refuel
=> They had a half dozen huge (15' tall) roadside banner flags announcing this new "Synergy Diesel Efficiency"
=> I don't remember seeing any of this advertising/branding before in 2018 since I took delivery of my F150 Diesel in September 2018

I also noticed that their price per gallon for diesel now matches their Premium gasoline grade (93 octane) where their diesel used to be a little cheaper than the HI-Test in 2018.

I just find the timing somewhat interesting (like Mobil knew I was getting a F150 Diesel!) as the roadside flags previously used to promote the cleaning properties of their HI-Test gasoline
=> Looks like they are using the "Synergy" branding for all three (3) grades of gasoline now also: Fuel Technology Synergy
=> Exxon/Mobil seems to be catering to the plethora of newer small diesel options; e.g. EcoDiesel, Coyote, Nissan Cummins, along with all of the existing Ford/GM/Dodge HD diesel pickups

I'm still going to run the Stanadyne Performance Formula (given I just bought a case of 24 8 oz. bottles!) as aftermarket fuel treatment.
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