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F150 Diesel Raptor

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Hi Folks, I bought the Diesel F150 502A package August 2019, trucks awesome, put full raptor suspension, beadlock raptor wheels and Fiberworks fenders on it with a AAD front pre-runner bumper.
Question though, seems the rear axle has the stronger axle tubes and finer thread lug nuts which is great, but seems it may have 35 spline axles instead of 34 spline axles. Does anyone know without me pulling and axle to check? Want to install an Eaton True trac in it but they don't make one for the 35 spline axles. Help would be appreciated.
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Nobody knows what spline axles these come with?
According to this table, only thing that comes with 35-spline rear diff is Raptors:

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Ok, thank you but so still tells me nothing as the Diesel has the Raptor lugs, same thickness axle tubes etc.......so one cant assume 34 spline axles unfortunately.
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