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F150 powerstroke & F250 parts

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Hi team,

has anyone had the wild dream of putting F250 parts on your F150 Powerstroke while keeping the amazing fuel economy, ride quality, and the glorious console shifter. You just lose a lot of great features when jumping up to the F250.

I needed new struts and recently added a 6” inch lift with some 11.50 wide 35’s keeping my stock from wheels. I also added some toe mirrors and air bags on the rear. The truck looks really clean and not over done. I’m wondering what other parts could easily transfer over as both trucks virtually have the exact cab. The bed may be too much work with different wheel bases but I’m wondering about the tailgate, rear bumper, and front end parts?

Also just for information I’m averaging 21.3 mpg daily driving in Florida with the new set up. It could do way better. It also pulls a 30Ft 13,000lb WellCraft boat on the weekends. Still the best performing truck I’ve ever owned.
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