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One of the reasons I am looking at Ford stock is because as a Ford stock holder, I have confirmed that you are eligible for Ford X-Plan pricing.

I get X-Plan pricing thru a corporate partnership at work, and have used X-Plan pricing for purchasing my last three (3) F150 Platinums. I love walking in the door at the dealership and watching the salesman face when I slide the X-Plan PIN code across their desk, knowing that the sales price has been pre-negotiated (Invoice - 0.4% + $275 program fee) = takes all of the haggling out of the equation and more importantly crosses-out one of the squares in the "4 square method" of negotiation. If there are Ford Corporate sales incentives or rebates in effect, you can do even better on your final price.

With Ford stock currently trading in the $10-$12/share range, I'd say that is a pretty cheap and easy way to get $4K-$5K off the F150 upper trim levels. With the prices of these trucks now exceeding $75K on the high end, I'll take any discount on pricing that I can get...
I use X-Plan pricing knowing going in that is the highest amount for the vehicle to pay. Ususally end up saving some off of it. YMMV
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