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First Oil Change Complete - a Concern

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Yesterday, I changed the oil in my truck for the first time. Oil change went well, cartridge filters on the top of the engine make life sooo much easier. Also the drain pan bolt took me a few minutes to find, but I got it! For those who havent changed their oil yet, if you follow the skid plate (I have an FX4) that goes under the engine to the connection with a foam board type material, the drain bolt lies just on the other side of the foam board. I actually cut a 2" X 2" whole in it so I did not have to remove the foam board piece ever again. The bolt is at a 90 degree to the ground, which makes the draining process very easy and mess free.

Now, my concern, when I first removed the oil fill cap (engine hot), there was some steam coming from the oil, is this normal? I dont have a way to know exactly what the oil temp was (My EZLynk said it was 158 F but I dont believe that). Has anybody else seen this?

EDIT- I should note that there was just a faint stream of steam. I tired to take a photo but it doesnt show well.
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Steam normal, also oil being black normal.
Interesting idea to cut the 2" hole. I have a door hole drilling kit that could do that.
Glad it is normal, and yup Ill grab a picture when the ground isnt 200F under the truck! Lovely Carolina summers!
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